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and its green colour

The emerald stone

Are you hesitating between certain precious stones that will adorn your next Redline gem? The Marilyn Emerald ring alternates between the translucent white color of the diamond with the intense green of the emerald stone. But what does the color green mean? Green is one of the most positive colors there is. A symbol of hope above all, it is also a bearer of luck, health and illustrates the purest nature. To adopt the color green is to adopt openness, wisdom, calm. The emerald stone is also that of the sign of the bulls, calming their angry spirits.

Her creation

L'or rose 18k

If yellow gold is the color of pure gold in its natural state, Man has been able to modify the color of it as he sees fit to make it even more pleasant and, above all, robust. The rose o was invented by Carl Fabergé in the 19th century, when he was commissioned to create his sumptuous eggs for the royal family in Imperial Russia. An alloy of yellow gold and copper, rose gold is today one of the most popular colors of gold due to its unmistakable contemporary appearance.