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    The concept of the diamond on a thread saw the light in 2004. Laetitia Cohen-Skalli who is preparing a Master in Design and Visual Communication, searches for a pioneer concept for her project. Throughout the year, she prepares the launch of a fictional brand, Redline, and associates noble materials such as gold and diamond with the lightness of the thread for the first time. As soon as she get her Master degree, with the mention and the congratulations of the jury, she decided to gave birth to her project and started her line of haute couture minimalist jewelry. Redline is born. Inspired by the enthusiasm of the international celebrities for the red thread of Jerusalem, Laetitia combines in her creations, the pureness of the precious stone to the symbolic of the thread, real lucky charm since the dawn of time through the peoples and the cultures.

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    Real lucky charm, the jewelries, packed with feelings can be declined in different colors of gold, thread and stone. And if sometimes,fashion can serve causes, Laetitia doesn¹t hesitate to provoke the occasions for her jewelries to be beautiful and useful! It is in this way that at the end of 2008, Redline launched with Sidaction, the Lovelink bracelet. Colette boutique was involved in the event and organized a day of mobilization in their shop. Many celebrities were present and affirm their commitment to the fight against AIDS by wearing this symbolic jewelry. That¹s Redline. The brand has grown since and seduced the biggest. Each season, a new collection sees the light, still sophisticated and original.