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The RedLine¹s diamonds come from diamond mines. We assure you the legal provenance of our stones.

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    The RedLine¹s diamonds come from diamond mines. We assure you the legal provenance of our stones. Indeed, Kimberley (KPCS),
    the certification system of rough diamond established by the United Nation Security
    Council Resolution, certifies the prevention of conflicts caused by illegal sales
    of diamonds. Our philosophy is that the certification and the ethics are
    essential and indisputable. Our diamonds refer to the 4C¹s, as the jewelry
    world but RedLine considers its own norms in order to be even more meticulous on its stones choice

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    The 4Cs:« Carat » indicates the diamond¹s weight. This is the measurement unit adopted in the United States in 1913 and is from now on universal. Every carat is divided in one hundred points and is equivalent to 0,2 grams.« Clarity » refers to the purity of the diamond. Often called « birthmarks », the purity specifies the presence of inclusion inside most of the diamonds. The purity is noted with a 10x magnifying glass. « Color » is about the color of the stone. The white diamond must be as transparent as possible. Alphabetical letters, as the GIA claims, classifies the color's degrees. The best category is the letter D and corresponds to a totally transparent diamond. The lowest is the Z. The diamonds categorized till G and J are pretty transparent. « Cut »  defines the size of the stone.
    The size characterizes the diamond' shape and suggests fire, the bright and the sparkle of the diamond. The sparkling, often called « fire » of the diamond, is the dispersal of the light into the colors of the rainbow. The diamond has a strong reflection power and in order for the stone to be perfect to the naked eye we do use the 4C as a base but not only. In our opinion, the color and the size are essential points and Redline proposes « extra White »diamonds, which is why even if the stones are little, they sparkle and shine like never.

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