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RedLine Privacy policy (RGPD)

Updated 05/2018

The present confidentiality policy informs you of the treatment of your information by RedLine. It’s valid to all of the web sites and apps, as well as other services and benefits offered by RedLine.

How to read the present confidentiality policy: We offer you different ways that allow you to read the present confidentiality policy. In this section, you will first find fundamental information. Next you will find in every chapter the topics that concern you. If you already are a “porp”, you can go directly from one chapter to the other with the assistance of the unfolded menu.

Chapter selection
Every chapter is preceded by a short text. This text is a summary of the content of the chapter. We advise you to read these texts only if you wish to have a brief review of the treatment of your information. If you wish to have more details, you can click on “learn more”. You can then read the complete content of the chapter.

We have renounced as much as possible to read-across. All of the information is also explained, wherever you are in the chapter. If you read the confidentiality policy from beginning to end, you will find repetitions where appropriate. We cannot completely avoid the read-across. For example, we have gathered all of the specific information treatments of every country on a single chapter to which we refer to as appropriate.

Which services and offers are applied in the present confidentiality policy: The manner in which RedLine treats you information is the same for most of our offers. The present confidentiality policy is also valid for all of the services and benefits that we offer to our clients in Europe, either we do it through a web site, an app, store, by phone, in an event, social media or other means. In other to facilitate the lisibility, we employ for this “standard case” the generic term “services”.

However, for certain services, we exceptionally treat your information in a different manner or for different particular ends. This can hold on to a type of services or to different countries specific demands. When we refer to these cases (“In particular cases”), we use the term “services specific” or “country specific”.

It’s important to notice that RedLine is not a unique enterprise. RedLine is a group made up of several enterprises. These enterprises don’t all offer services or treat all of your information.
In order to simplify, we proceed to mention only the enterprise that are part of the RedLine group that really take action into treating your information. The terms “RedLine” or “us” used later refer to the enterprises responsible for the RedLine group.

Only the following RedLine enterprises
That inform you of the present confidentiality policy:

1. What information is stocked by RedLine.
2. What we do with the information and the reason why we need it.
3. What your right are concerning the protection of your information and your options.
4. What kind of technology and information we use to personalise and coordinate our services and content for secure , simple, easy and individualised shopping.
5. What kind of technology and information we use for publicity including tracking technology.


In case of any question concerning the present confidentiality policy or regarding information protection in general, you can always address our information responsible or RedLine’s client service.

1. What information is treated by RedLine?
RedLine offers you a diversity of services that you can use in different manners. Depending on if you contact us online by phone, physically or in any other way and depending on the services that you use, different information originated from different sources are communicated. A lot of the information that we use comes from data that you have provided to us when you use our services our when you contact us, for example, when you create an account and submit your name, email or address. We also receive technical data regarding your terminal and access data that we introduce automatically when you’re interacting with our services. I can regard, for example information about your terminal of use. We collect other data by our data analysis intermediary. (for example; As part of market studies and client evaluations). We also receive information that regards you from third parties, for example; information agencies and payment service providers.

2. What is my information being used for by RedLine?
RedLine treats your information respecting all of the valid data protection laws. Regarding this, we respect the relatif right of personal character. We also treat your data at first only with the indicated purpose in the present confidentiality policy or when the information is submitted. It regards in the first place the treatment of your purchase and the disponibility of personalizing and development and securing our services. Otherwise, we use your information by limiting ourselves to strict rules of german and european laws, regarding the protection of data, as well as with other ends as are product development, scientific research (specifically in the automatic learning process, artificial intelligence and deep learning) and market studies for the optimisation of our commercial processus, the adaptation of our services to your needs and the personalised publicity.

3. Personalised services
The development and the disposition of functionalities and personalised services are essential in our eyes. Independently of the place, hour, and used terminal we offer you an individualised shopping experience and an offer adapted to your personal interests. Also, the treatment of your information with the purpose to personalise our services is an integral part of the services provided by RedLine.

4. Information in the web sites and apps
We use your information to provide RedLine websites and apps. Apart from relative data at the terminal and general access data generated every time the services are used, the type of treated information, depends on the way you use the functions and services available via our services. Otherwise, we use the general information generated from the use of our services in order to determine the manner in which our online offer is used. We use this information specifically in the frame of shopping customization in order to improve our services and provide personalised publicity.

5. Newsletter
We offer you different newsletter services. When you subscribe to a newsletters service, you will receive information regarding the themes in the newsletters. Otherwise, there are specific newsletters for every service that are an integral part. For example, you receive only the Private RedLine newsletter if you are part of the Private RedLine shopping club. When our newsletters are consulted we also receive information relative to the terminal and the access information.

6. Proposal of individual products by mail and push service
Linked to our services, we present information to you regarding RedLine offers depending on your interests. You will receive personal suggestions of products even if you’re not subscribed to our newsletter. To choose the individual suggestions, we use first of all, in compliance with the
law, your current purchase date and the information regarding your interests from which we take the products that interest you, according to interests and preferences that you have informed us of, as well as your profile information.

7. Gift cards & coupons
We use the information given when an order is placed with a RedLine coupon to verify and process the order. As well as to send and validate the voucher. This also including the registration and the processing of the data relative to the use of the coupon specifically the prevention of fraud.

8. How is my information used by RedLine with advertising ends?
Our advertising partners and us, use your information to provide you with personalised publicity within RedLine services and in the sites and apps of other operators. Regarding this , our advertising partners and us use the usual internet technologies in the market. We can also provide you of targeted publicity and adds that really interest you. This allows us to respond better to the needs of our users with the customization and discovering of new products that might interest you to our services in a long term thanks to a customised shopping experience.

9. To whom is my information being transmitted?
RedLine shares only your information if the german or european law relative to the protection of information allows it. We work in up close collaboration with certain providers, for example, in the after-sale service (for example; Provider’s phone assistance), with technical providers (for example; managers of central information), or with logistical enterprises (for example; postal operators like DHL). There providers can treat your information only through us under certain conditions. If they are our subcontractors, the providers have access only to the indispensable information exclusively during the necessary time frame needed for the service to be provided. If you purchase with a RedLine partner, we transfer some of your purchase information to the RedLine partner ( for example; your name, and delivery address), in order for the redLine partner to be able to deliver the merchandise.

10. What are my rights regarding the protection of my information?
According to the law and under the conditions that it states, you benefit from the following rights regarding the protection of information: right of access (article 15 RGPD), right of suppression (article 17 RGPD), right of rectification (Article 16 RGPD), right of restriction of processing of information (article 20 RGPD), right of opposition to a surveillance authority of information protection (article 77 RGPD), right of retraction of consent (article 7, paragraph 3 RGPD), As well as the right of retraction of some measure and processes of information (article 21 RGPD). You can find the necessary contact information under request at “mediators”

11. When is my information deleted?
Your personal information remains saved as long as it is necessary for political presence of confidentiality purposes, specifically with ends of the execution of our contractual and legal obligations. In which case, we save as well your personal information with other ends, if and as long the law authorizes us to stock data with precise ends, including for the defense of a right.

12. How is my information protected by RedLine?
We share your personal information by encrypting it. This applies to your orders and to your account log in. With this end, we use the coding system SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Otherwise we secure our web sites and other systems with the help of technical and organisational measures against loss, destruction, access, modification or diffusion of your information for any non authorized person.

13. Changes of the present policy and the interlocutor
In the case of the development of our web sites and our apps, as well as in the case of implementation is new technologies in order to improve our services and you regard, There is the possibility that this present conditions of privacy can suffer changes, if it is considered to be necessary. We also recommend you to re-read the present confidentiality policy every once is a while. For any question regarding the protection of you information in the RedLine group, you can address in any given moment our information responsible. It’s enough to contact us by mail.

14. Information specific to each country
Our information processing can differ from a country to the other. You can inform yourself about the specific differences between the countries.

15. Cookie related information
You can get more information about the cookies that we use here.You can find all of the cookie that we use on the following link.privacy-policy-cookie-restriction-mode

"In accordance with Article L. 612-1 of the Consumer Code, you can use the MEDICYS mediation service, which we report electronically, for free:
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