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  • Luxe

    Depending on the mood and fashion, it is possible to change the colors of the threads of your jewelry by contacting the workshop. Every jewelry exists on thread or chain, bracelet, necklace, ring and earrings.

  • Pure

    When we want to offer a Redline jewelry, it can be difficult to choose the right color, the one you¹d really like. Depending on the personality of the person, you could choose the color you think would represent them the best.

  • Vogue

    All Redline jewelries are handmaid and are associated with different colors of gold, thread and stone so we can propose you a tailor-made jewelry and follow all your desires.

  • Fun

    Blue is associated with the sky and symbolizes escape, spirituality and peace. It can also symbolize the cold and will express freshness and purity. Green reminds hope, chance and nature. Red, the Redline’semblematic color, represents passion, love but also luxury and richness. Purple represents nobility, intelligence and wisdom. But it is also the balance between the sky (color Blue) and the earth (color Red) and represents calm. Pink is the color of youth, femininity, softness, romanticism and love. Brown characterizes foresight, solidity and discretion. Orange embodies warmth and softness in reference to the sun and autumn. Yellow reminds the color of gold and symbolizes as well richness. This happy color also reminds joy, good mood and idealism. Black is the symbol of sobriety, elegance, sophistication, luxury and mystery. White is associated to peace, purity, innocence and spirituality.