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    It's in the heart of Paris, 161 rue St Honoré, that Redline established its workshop and its showroom.Ten years now that the pioneer house of the union of a diamond
    and a thread is being successful. This success is due to its style and high-quality image that the house has managed to impose.
    Turned towards creativity, Redline from now on, has developed its collection with a Jewelry line that will seduce the audacious people seeking for refinement and
    luxury. All of it starts with an idea, a wish, a creativity.

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    Transposed in sketch, this idea would then be transformed into a model to add volumes.
    The model can be made with wax or silver. The mold that would be made from the prototype
    would permit to prepare it in several prints. In our hands, the prints are
    filed, mercerized then polished before we give them to the setter who would
    place the diamonds on the pieces.
    Once all the stones are set, the jewelry is polished one last time in order to revive
    its brightness. Then the different treads would match the diamond(s), set with the four colors of gold.
    That's the way we process to create your RedLine jewelries.

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