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Shine brightly with Redline!
April Diamond

Celebrate the renewal of the season with our captivating thread and diamond jewelry, which coordinates perfectly with this month's birthstone - the diamond. Illuminate your April moments with the exquisite sparkle of our designs, which embody the enduring appeal of precious stones. Be charmed by exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled luxury – because you deserve the extraordinary.

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Redline wire Redline wire
Experience the essence of timeless glamour A Diamond Born in Spring

In this month of April, when diamond is the birthstone of those born in this month, we are delighted to announce a wonderful addition to our collection: Abby, the diamond and thread bracelet by Redline, available in two designs and several colours. It's the perfect accessory for anyone looking to add a touch of sparkle to their outfit.

Our Abby bracelets
A Diamond Born in Spring
Elegance redefined for the modern gentleman Discovering Men's Jewelry

Discover our collection of masculine jewelry, designed to emanate power and style, perfect for the modern gentleman. Elevate your style with our collections of timeless jewelry, all made with the greatest care and using quality materials. Whether worn informally or at special events, our men's jewelry is the perfect expression of style and individuality.

Diamonds for men
Discovering Men's Jewelry
Discover the River Kcolor XL Bracelet Black Diamonds for Men
An avalanche of nuances A Thread Bracelet For Every Occasion

While nature is adorned with a kaleidoscope of hues, our Redline threads reflect the vibrant palette of the season, offering a spectrum of colours that suits every mood and occasion. From the soft pastels of budding flowers to the bold tones of bustling gardens, our timeless “Broderie” and “Aurore” collections evoke the essence of spring. Let your style flourish with the enchanting beauty of our colorful threads and floral-inspired diamonds.

A Thread Bracelet For Every Occasion
Choose Your Letter Pendant For A Unique Memory 26 letters, endless possibilities..
Watch the Redline animation Dancing Diamonds
Dancing Diamonds

About Redline

Pioneer of the diamond on a string bracelet concept, RedLine is a French jewelry house in the street of Saint Honoré, Paris. RedLine unites the purity of the diamond with the symbolic representation of a string. This concept then became the lucky charm since the dawn of time across people and cultures. Inspired by the admiration of many international celebrities for the minimalist jewelry designs, RedLine expanded its creativity by emphasizing diversity in their creations and started working on pearls and other precious stones. The French house introduced its jewelry line of gold rings, diamond earrings, string bracelets with diamond, gold chain and diamond necklaces, and more; tailored to cater true RedLine addicts. The Parisian jeweler had known success worldwide. Its jewelry creations are present in Asia, Emirates, United States, and Europe. The French house of red string has come a long way and is now one of the biggest names in Fine Jewelry thanks to its excellence and expertise in jewelry making know-how. Follow the line of the red string, the path of love and protection.

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