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Love, love, love.....
A jewel of love

Redline wishes everyone a very happy Valentine's Day. To make this day perfect, our diamonds will be your allies in your declaration of love.

Our jewelry for Valentine's Day
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Diamond pure love What jewelry will you give to your loved one for Valentine's Day?

A poem, chocolates, flowers... or an eternal diamond? This sumptuous gemstone is a symbol of true love, one that lasts and persists. This year, open your heart to the one you love by gifting a gem on our iconic Redline threads.

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What jewelry will you give to your loved one for Valentine's Day?
Open your heart to those you love With an eternal jewel

The heart is, since antiquity, equated with emotions. It is the emotional center of the human being and therefore the feeling of love. It is the symbol of excellence of the feast of lovers, Valentine's Day. At Redline, we offer many variations of hearts with one or more diamonds.

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With an eternal jewel
A pure love A pure diamond

A pure diamond for pure love. Engagements, Valentine's Day, declarations of love, think of diamonds. Symbol of love par excellence, each of its facets will sparkle for the person you love. Express your love by personalizing the jewel you imagine for her/him. Select the thread of her favorite color as well as the color of gold and choose the diamond that reflects your love. The trick is played, you have created the perfect jewel to symbolize your emotions.

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A pure diamond
Discover our selection of jewelry for Valentine's Day

Thousands of possible compositions

Discover our selection of jewelry in video For an unforgettable Valentine's Day
For an unforgettable Valentine's Day


Pioneer of the « diamond bracelet on a thread » concept, RedLine is a Parisian jewelry house advocating Made in France, through its manufacturing workshops located in the heart of rue Saint-Honoré, Paris 1er. The brand combines its creations, the purity of the diamond with the symbolism of a thread, a real lucky charm since the dawn of time, across peoples and cultures.
Encouraged by the enthusiasm of many international celebrities around its concept of minimalist jewelry, RedLine also works with pearls and other precious stones. RedLine therefore creates gold rings, diamond earrings, diamond thread bracelets, chain and diamond necklaces, which are collected and accumulated to create real RedLine addicts.
Distributed worldwide, the jewelry house RedLine is successful in Asia, the Emirates, the United States, as well as in Europe. La Maison au fil rouge has come a long way and is now one of the big names in jewelery thanks to its expertise and know-how. RedLine, follow the red thread, of love and protection…

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