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Know how
Our know-how reinvents Parisian luxury without compromise

All our jewels are carefully hand-made in Paris.

As part of our commitment to offering uncompromising know-how, making a RedLine jewelry requires 17 production steps with multiple manual handworks.
The choice of stones, diamond cut, metal, setting, melting, welds, threading, and the assemble… each element is meticulously made with care and precision. Our quality team inspects each piece of jewelry by hand before leaving the workshop to ensure no details are missed and forgotten.
Proud French since 2005, we draw all our inspiration from our Parisian workshops, located at rue Saint Honoré, where all our jewelry are custom and handmade.

Trademark infringement is the act of reproducing, imitating or using a registered trademark without the express prior authorization of its owner – Article L716-1 of the Intellectual Property Code (IPC).
Brand counterfeiting covers two distinct types of behavior:
An infringer is a person who publicly distributes, in any manner, a product or service in contempt of the intellectual property rights of the owner of the mark.
The buyer of a counterfeit product is also liable to criminal penalties on the basis of the offense of counterfeiting.
RedLine’s global success is leading to the proliferation of fraudulent sites offering copies and counterfeits of our products.

Jewelry may look identical but many are counterfeit sites fraudulently using our image, design, and logo.

Protect yourself and those you love by only buying genuine RedLine products from an Authorized Dealer.
If you have any doubts about a site or a reseller, help us by writing at [email protected].

The dangers of counterfeiting:

Counterfeiting is not only illegal but dangerous.

After a detailed analysis of counterfeit RedLine jewelry, we found that they are not made of 18k gold but a simple gold plating covering other filler materials, materials that could frequently carry bacteria or mold that can cause health problems for consumers unknown to this fact.
In addition, the settings used does not comply with European safety standards.

The counterfeit company
We face counterfeiting every day, whether it’s a fake website or an online discount sale. RedLine jewelry illegally made in factories in Asia can be found on several fake websites as well as in flea markets in Shanghai or Beijing. Counterfeiting is illegal.
Some diamond mines are not regulated by international labor law and often employ children. In the counterfeit market, diamonds may seem beautifully appealing and alluring but once studied with a magnifying glass, we see several inclusions and impurities. It may even subject to recycled broken diamonds.
Counterfeiting is therefore very serious as it may also finance organized crime and child labor in counterfeit factories. A fake RedLine jewelry does not use the real fastening technique used by RedLine Paris. Our concept is based on an ultra-resistant wire with a specific fastening technique distinct to RedLine. That is why we guarantee our jewelry for a period of 2yrs* providing a certificate of authenticity. Counterfeit companies even make copies of our certificates but our after-sales service detects fake jewelry. We have adopted a zero-tolerance policy and implemented a comprehensive program to combat websites offering fake RedLine® products, their suppliers, auction sites and other counterfeit marketing processes.
Remember that when something seems too good to be true, it usually turns out to be the case. Internet sites that markets « cheap RedLine » or « RedLine sales » do not sell authentic bracelets.
The desire to get products at the best possible price is an incentive but do not step into the trap.

Use common sense. Protect yourself. Purchase from our authorized resellers.


Beware of the following keywords, they can be used by counterfeit sites:
Cheap RedLine
RedLine Sales
Cheap RedLine Bracelet

→ Contact our team at [email protected]
Multiple websites sell jewelry infringing our Intellectual Property rights. Even if we take various actions to limit the number, sites appear and disappear every day.

Blogs and social networks
Counterfeiters are clever: they use blogs that are actually used to redirect users to sites marketing counterfeits. We try to suppress each one of them. We also monitor social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest, where counterfeiters try to resell their merchandise. As soon as such profiles are discovered, we have them removed from the sites concerned.

If you think you have been a victim of fraud:

At Community level
· The protection of intellectual property by the OHIM:
· The European Commission and the European customs authorities:
· The Europol Community Criminal Police Office:

In France
· The protection of intellectual property by the INPI:
· The National Anti-Counterfeiting Committee (CNAC):
· The Union of Manufacturers (UNIFAB):
· The French Customs:
· The Directorate General of Competition, Consumption and the Repression of Fraud (DGCCRF), Directorate of the Ministry of Economy and Finance:

In the USA
· The Immigration and Customs Control Department (ICE):
· Department of Homeland Security (DHS):
· The Intellectual Property Coordination Center (IPR Center):

In Canada
· The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center (CAFC):
Note: The above references do not constitute the guarantee of any organization, association or company, nor any legal or other advice. They are only provided as an indication.

RedLine is gaining global success in the international area. Unfortunately, this attracts a number of fraudulent websites which offer copies and counterfeits products.

We wish to draw your attention that it is a great risk to buy jewelry on other websites and we solemnly remind you that the RedLine official website ( is the only one offering our jewelry manufactured in our workshops.

We will do everything possible to fight and eliminate the copies and counterfeits on the market.

Please contact us ([email protected]) and let us know if you have any doubt.

Team RedLine