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Customize my Illusion jewelry

Customize my Illusion jewelry


But... what if all of this was only an illusion? RedLine reveals a magic trick to bring your dreams into life. Brilliant diamonds, flossy golds, flawless strings! Such a grand splendor from the world of dreams turned into a magnificent, spectacular reality... and abracadabra!

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It's just an Illusion

Diamonds on gold

Prepare to get mesmerized by RedLine's magic trick! Seven little diamonds turned into one. The Illusion collection masters the art of illusion, multiple 0.05ct diamonds in a gold cluster-style setting gives a vision of one big diamond. The So Illusion features the same magic trick with a 0.1ct precious stone. It's a fantasy escaped from the dreamland. This best-seller Illusion jewelry line features necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Explore the whole collection on our website and discover the complete Illusion jewelry set. Hypnotizing jewelry pieces available online that makes everything around disappears once you look at them!

The bond of...

7 little diamonds

Splash some colors to your lucky charm! The fascinating Illusion Colored collection enters the wonderland of dreams. Pink sapphires and black diamonds join the march of sparkling 0.05ct white diamonds from the Illusion jewelry line and 0.01ct precious stones from the So Illusion. Precious and semi-precious stones forming a magical flower garden filled with sparks and glitters. Carry the magic of an enchanting twinkling garden through Illusion and So Illusion's necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.