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Customize my Multi-string jewelry

Customize my Multi-string jewelry


Paint your wrist with myriad festive strings of all colors! Create the most beautiful rainbow in all shades right on your wrist. Adorn your skin with multitude sparkles and splashes of colorful tones from the darkest shades to the brightest ones.

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Colored string jewelry

Welcome to the Multi-string collection where colors playfully intertwine. This jewelry line offers infinite options to customize your bracelets and necklaces. Enter the world of countless possibilities, create your bracelet with 1, 2 or even up to 6 strings to combine. RedLine plays the amalgamation with gold chains, colorful strings, pearls, and diamonds. Explore Brazilian collection or the Golden Road collection for a burst of colors exploding around your wrist. Discover Aurore Boréale collection to create breathtaking gradient bracelets, the possibility of mixing 6 different string colors linked to gold chains gives wonderful celestial jewelry piece. Give this perfect gift to those close to your heart, a symbol of infinite bond and a life full of colors.

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RedLine bracelet

A fascinating bracelet with multiple colored strings. Enter the world of Multi Fils collection where RedLine hosts you to its Broderie line. Discover endless possibilities of customizing your bracelet. Play with strings, golds, diamonds, and colors. Give a freeway to your imagination and immerse yourself to a colorful universe of Broderie. Grant yourself a unique jewelry piece that looks nothing like anybody else's. Match a string to another and go up to 6 string colors for more options. Add your favorite element to your bracelets such as pearls, diamonds and gold chains. Whether you love shades of blue all together in a bracelet with rose gold and pearls, the options are countless! Exclusively designed by RedLine in their Parisian workshop, created just for you to celebrate love, friendship, and joy.