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Diamond for men

Diamonds are also men’s great pal. Diamonds ease their declaration of love, but diamonds are also a luxury icon and a lifestyle. Reveal your true identity in a subtle, discreet yet sophisticated way with our Men’s collection.

Pure, Infinite, Cube, Pompon

The elegance of the diamond

RedLine adorns not only elegant women but also graces sophisticated men with diamonds on their wrists. Diamonds from the must-have Pure bracelet, light rays from the Infinite, the Cube’s reflections or the billion Pompom gleams are some of our collection to suit our gentlemen with discreet sophistication and refinement.

K-color, So VIP, Illusion

A mysterious black diamond

A mysterious presence appears in RedLine diamond collection. A gloomy dark shade of a diamond is now featured to inspire the most intriguing stories. Discover the facets of a black diamond in the Kcolor, so VIP, and Illusion collection and explore the minimalist world of a powerful gold and diamond jewelry.

"Your rebel soul shines like a diamond pulled from dust: bright, clear and flawless."
Ingot, Dé, Tube

Play with diamonds

Dice for those who love to play, bet, and gamble. A unique and original jewelry piece from RedLine to showcase lively events and stories. Dice jewelry made of gold and diamonds, what more to have a fun night of playing all in? Find out more in the Ingot, Dice, and Tube collection.

Golden Road, Brodé

Strings and colors

It’s time to be creative! Strings and colors, mix them and match! RedLine jewelry are all customizable. Perfect opportunity for you to create a unique fashion statement that only belongs to you and marks your identity in your design. Play with strings and splash them with colors, twist them in the Broderie collection and entwined them in the Golden Road collection.