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Customize my Silver jewelry

Customize my Silver jewelry


RedLine distinguishes its creations through the concept of diamond on a string jewelry piece. The Noïs collection not only bears the French jeweler's hallmarks but stands out in its own version: Silver diamond bracelet. Silver has always been loved by many, and now this timeless ravishing metal walks its way to enter the line of RedLine collections. Beautiful diamonds mounted on silver in the shape of hearts, clover, stars, hands, eyes and a wide selection of geometric figures.

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Bracelet for women, men, and kids

The Noïs collection joins our jewelry line. A piece of fashion jewelry in silver on a string with a 0.05ct diamond gracefully mounted inside the precious metal. For the youthful juvenile lovers who want to declare their love but tight in budget and wish to offer an authentic jewelry treasure, this silver diamond bracelet is a beautiful way of creating a wonderful opportunity. Give your loved ones their first diamond, an unforgettable memory to look back on time as an idyll. Reflect your greatest feelings on the Noïs jewelry pieces, symbols of stars, hearts, squares, triangles, eye and more. Let your jewelry piece speaks for yourself, a daily reminder and token of your love that your sweetheart will always remember.


925 silver and diamond jewelry

Small silver jewels for modest budgets. The Noïs collection provides you splendid opportunities to declare your love through a sublime gift. This line offers a multitude of silver diamond bracelets in different forms and shapes. Heart, star, flower, triangle, square or circle, evoke your emotions and personality through Noïs bracelets. A diamond centered inside the precious metal manifests a thousand rays of light exhibiting its natural beauty. Match your jewel with your favorite string color. A silver heart paired with a pink string for romance, a silver star matched with a blue string for celestial beauty or a yellow string for a cheerful vibe, a silver flower with a red string or green string to get close to nature. RedLine gives you boundless options to find your ideal treasure. Play with colors and symbols, RedLine's diamond silver edition is a perfect gift to yourself and those so dear to your heart. Get yours on our online shop or meet us in our showroom to hosts you in finding your perfect piece.