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Customize RedLine pearl bracelet

Customize RedLine pearl bracelet

Pearl bracelet

Our bracelets with pearls evoke the delicate treasure of the sea. The wave of seawater fulfills your wishes, bringing out its most beautiful gifts on its surface. The buried treasures of the seascapes await you! Discover our precious pearl bracelets and their sparkling glow.

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The famous...

Pearl bracelet

RedLine pearl bracelets are made with pearls from the seabed. The precious pearls collected in marine waters are known to be brighter than their cousins, the freshwater pearls. To highlight our beautiful ocean pearls, combine them with a gold chain. Yellow gold, black gold, rose gold, and white gold complements these small marine treasures. And if you prefer to add color to your pearls, run them through with your favorite string color. RedLine creates pearl bracelets with all the know-how of traditional stringing. The slight transparency of the pearls lets you see through the color of the string you have chosen, making this an original and unique jewel. Do you love diamonds? You can also add some on your bracelet.


Pearl jewelry for women

There are several beliefs related to pearls. In ancient times, the symbolic power of pearls could reach areas extremely far from pearl deposits. Born in Persia or India, superstitious or religious beliefs about pearls have spread. Then the pearls came from the East to the West. Each culture has given rise to new legends and symbols, from China to Greece. Despite the pearl's journey and the adaptations, the essence of their purity has always remained. Today, beliefs are different around the world. In the West, the birth of the pearl is associated with Venus. This legend was represented by the artist Botticelli in 1486 in the sublime painting The Birth of Venus where Venus is represented coming out of a large shell.