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Customize RedLine sapphire necklace

Customize RedLine sapphire necklace

Sapphire necklace

A beautiful stone venerated by all ancient Eygpt. Precious sacred stone reflecting the color of the sky and the oceans, symbol of truth and justice; sapphires are the jewels of the pharaohs.

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Combining simplicity and elegance

Sapphire necklace

RedLine offers a beautiful fragment of sky and ocean into your jewelry piece. Immerse your eyes and your soul in this deep, precious blue sapphire, an emblem of the divine and immortality. Choose your RedLine sapphire necklace between a choker and a long necklace. Customize your string necklace with 80 different string colors available to choose from and pick your favorite gold setting among rose gold, black gold, white gold, and yellow gold for your sapphire gold chain necklace.

Of multiple colors

Sapphire for women

Sapphire is a fascinating precious stone with multiple colors. Often known as blue stone but sapphire stones exist in pink, yellow, green, and more. Sapphire is said to symbolize sweetness and tenderness, facilitating communication. It is perceived to stimulate spirituality, develop imagination and creativity. Sapphires are also identified to be an effective remedy for insomnia and migraine relief. Fall for the charm of sapphire stone that holds the color of the heavens above and the deep open seas.