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Customize my Pure jewelry

Customize my Pure jewelry


The quintessential diamond on a string by RedLine, a symbol of happiness and joy. Glide away with the iconic string as you get carried along to the beautiful story of the French jewelry house. Discover all the wonders behind the Pure collection, and sparks will follow you through.

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Happiness in Pure state

Lucky charm string and diamond

Meet the legendary Pure collection with its symbolic jewelry piece: the iconic diamond on a string. The union of eternal happiness from the diamond and the illustration of the fragility of life from the string makes this collection a representation of the infinite force of life. The Minimaliste jewelry set features 0.02ct precious stone, Mini Pure line with 0.05ct diamond, Pure collection in 0.1ct royal stone, and So Pure jewels with its 0.2ct gemstone. Life is much more pleasing when filled with colors, just as the Pure jewelry pieces with its string of all colors!

The famous...

Pure diamond on a string

Let yourself be tempted by Pure jewelry, off of diamond of 0.10 carat, synonymous with refinement, delicacy and subtlety.Or maybe it's fine, with the minimalist, the discretion and ultimate subtlety of a 0.02 carat diamond.So much less cravings are no longer bold, so you refined your So Pure version with a 0.20 carat diamond.Make your choice, choose the Pure model that suits you, and enter the magic of the Universe RedLine.