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Customize RedLine string necklace

Customize RedLine string necklace

String necklace

Wear the string of life around your neck with RedLine string necklace and pair it with the precious stone of your choice. Discover beautiful necklaces that will give your chest an elegant and delicate glow. Choose the string and gold color along with the type of precious stone for your jewelry piece.

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Elegant designs

String necklace

RedLine string necklaces elegantly embellish your chest, using a highly resistant string with composition remains a mysterious secret. Whether a long necklace or a choker, our deluxe jewelry pieces offer an unlimited possibility, choices, and options to customize your necklace. Play with various string colors, from red to black, and pink to white. Or fall for the nude colored string that blends harmoniously with your skin, giving a captivating illusion of a floating diamond. Unless you prefer pearls, emeralds, rubies or sapphires, diamonds in black are wide are also in the spotlight! The choice is yours. Enter the wonderful world of RedLine.

The must-have

String and diamond necklace

The RedLine string represents the fragility of life while the diamond represents eternity. "Even if there are times when we feel fragile, we must remember that life is precious and that we must embrace happiness. Diamonds, like life, feel precious and pure." This philosophy has been at the core of RedLine jewelry since the brand's very beginnings. As a result, the famous RedLine diamond necklace on a red string has become an iconic must-have basic to wear daily or to accessorize an evening outfit with elegance. The subtlety of this almost unbreakable string enhances the brilliance of the diamond, complemented by an 18k gold clasp with an authentic "K" plate by RedLine.