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Customize my Perles jewelry

Customize my Perles jewelry


Travel to the Japanese ocean waters through RedLine's Pearl edition. Jewelry with perfectly round, sparkling and glossy white pearls adding value to our collection. These are the jewels of Poseidon, beautiful underwater treasures.

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A rare pearl

Pearl jewelry

Dive with Pearl collection deep underwaters to witness lustrous white pearls hidden underneath the sea. Come aboard and sail with RedLine to the Japanese ocean waters to hunt for a treasure with the highest luster and with the greatest shine of all cultured pearls. Highlight your jewelry pearls with your favorite gold hardware: rose gold, yellow gold, black gold, or white gold. Any color you pick will only emphasize the precious stone's beauty. Give a beautiful contrast to the pearl's soft complexion with the vivid colors of the string: intensify with black, stand out with red, smoothen with grey and more than 80 strings to unveil. Explore all our pearl editions and discover beautiful diamond jewelry pieces with pearls and gold. Browse our pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings exclusively designed in the city of Paris. This is a rejoiceful gift that is sure to amaze.

Brilliant pearls

White pearl necklace

A paradise of pearls to explore and to customize from the Pearl jewelry edition. King Midas touched the Gold Pearl collection and turned it into lustrous golden beads. As you go along the Nuit Perlée collection, witness the sweetest kiss between a lustrous gold bead and a glossy white pearl, like a sun meets the moon. Walk in the fine lines of the string and glide with the soft touches of the pearl with the Queen collection. Submerge in the swirl of gold chain and pearl with the Sensuelle Akoya collection. And celebrate the marvelous union between a sparkling clear diamond and bright mirror-like pearls. All our pearl earrings, rings, pearl necklaces, and bracelets are custom-made tailored to answer your heart's desire. Pick your favorite gold hardware and choose the string color you like for your bracelet. Available in our e-shop if you want to get your pearls online or come and see us in Paris, we are more than excited to meet you in our RedLine showroom.