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Welcome to the realm of diamonds

Timeless jewelry

The Timeless from RedLine combines simplicity and luxury. Jewelry with such magical and rare brilliance that shapes the DNA of our brand. The resplendent light that comes from our diamonds illuminates the skin with delicate rays. The duantless and audacious bet of uniting the subtlety of the string and the relentless strength of the diamond is found in the heart of our jewelry. Wear elegance in your daily journey with RedLine. Search, discover and explore our must-haves jewelry pieces that bestowed a very huge part in our House’s success.

"Illusion is the first of all pleasures."
Pure, Illusion, Cube, KColor

Legendary diamonds

Discover the great timeless RedLine jewelry pieces: Pure, Illusion, Cube, and KColor. These collections with playful, modern, and luxurious jewelry are inextricable in our House’s DNA. Since the very beginning of our history, the innovative concept of diamond on a string is a revolutionary move in the jeweler’s world. Since then, our little precious charms with a touch of Parisian look, travel around the world.

Legendary diamonds
Infinite, Eternity, Tube, Prince

Multiple diamonds

Jewelry created for lovers of diamonds. Embellish yourself with one or two diamonds, or as many precious stones you desire. If your love for diamonds is limitless, you’ll love choosing between our Prince, Infinite or Eternity Amuro collections. And to satisfy your love of gold, the Tube collection will meet your desires through its flossy golden surface.

Impératrice, Comtesse, Altesse, Majesté

A diamond prong setting

Make more diamonds sparkle, emphasize the magic of their fires. RedLine features several diamond cuts in prong setting. Each diamond shape has been chosen with the utmost care and attention to details by our experts. Scintillating diamonds shining in thousand lights from the pear-shaped, baguette-cut, trilliant-cut, to the marquise-cut and so much more to discover and explore. Choose between a brilliant and discreet 0.1ct diamond or the illuminating 0.2ct diamond. Which kind of diamond will you fall in love with?

A diamond prong setting
"Art occurs with feelings, that's what makes it timeless, immortal."
Marc Levy
Solitaire, Princesse, Bien aimé, Mayssa

Love diamonds

Dive into the legendary world of diamond with RedLine jewelry and discover meticulously hand-made jewelry pieces in our workshop, in the heart of Paris. Collection of elegant and timeless diamond jewelry, the Solitaire, Princesse, Bien Aimé, and Mayssa are collections made to say « I love you ».
All you have to do is choose the perfect diamond cut to declare your love: The heart of Bien Aimé, Mayssa’s rose, glittering Princess or the unique light of Solitaire.

"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best."
Oscar Wilde
Nova, Shiny, Glitter, Pompon

Diamonds from space

Shiny, Nova, Glitter and Pompon, fallen diamonds from the sky, as if a breathtaking meteor shower and dust of stars orbit around our jewels. These shimmering bright diamond jewelry will take over the stars. Travel between planets as you discover and explore our galaxy of diamonds.

Twist, Samba, Salsa, Tango

Au rythme du diamant

Join the dance floor with our Twist, Samba, Salsa and Tango collections. Outgoing and dynamic jewelry pieces that will take you into a lively saraband. Listen to your inner music, feel the rhythm of the sparkling diamond and fill your daily life with bright, luminescing lights. Music is an enthralling kind of art, it captivates us just like the diamond that brings smile and joy to those who receive it. Diamonds have an irresistible power similar to the rhythm of music, and RedLine chooses the most radiant and glowing diamonds to fill our souls with energy and vibrancy. Waltz with the flare of lights, and live your daily life with a cheerful spin.