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Customize RedLine sapphire bracelet

Customize RedLine sapphire bracelet

Sapphire bracelets

Own a Sapphire bracelet and treat yourself a piece of sky with sparkling stars on your wrist. An incredible journey awaits you in the company of this grave blue stone. Let yourself be carried away by the haunting color of sapphire. Are you going to float on seawater, or rather fly in the sky?

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Sapphire Bracelet

Welcome to our category of Sapphire bracelets. The word "sapphire" originated from the ancient Greek which means "stone with a blue color", or from Hebrew implying "the most beautiful thing". It is indeed a blue stone, but also one of the most beautiful gifts the earth offered us, a jewel that shimmers in the depths of its deposits and reflects the color of the ocean. RedLine creates gold chain sapphire bracelets and string sapphire bracelets. And yes, there are not only blue sapphires! In the Elixir collection, you will find pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, orange sapphire, etc.... Enough to travel in any color?

Sacred gem

Sapphire for women

It is said that sapphire is a sacred stone, a symbol of truth and justice. This gem is also considered as the stone of fidelity. It is said that the power of its virtues can only be enjoyed by sincere and pure people. RedLine loves the symbolism behind this deep blue gemstone and has been creating sapphire bracelets since the brand's beginnings. Our sapphire bracelets are available on a fine gold chain or on a string. Combine your sapphire with white gold for purity, with yellow gold for strength or with rose gold for sweetness. Change the color of the string to suit your desires and combine your favorite color with the beautiful color of sapphire.