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Customize RedLine string ring

Customize RedLine string ring

String ring

Our string ring is an original jewelry idea that plays with colors evoking creativity. A subtle and soft yet high-resistant string that gives your fingers a pop of color and refinement at the same time. Collect string rings and splash beautiful shades of colors and sparkling gemstones on your fingers.

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Daily wear

Thin diamond ring

Create a ring that mirrors your soul. Our string rings are another version of our lucky charm string jewelry concept. Customize your string ring by selecting your favorite string color among 80 different choices available. Dress your gentle fingers with beautiful color, adorn your soft fingers with subtle smooth lines, illuminate your tender fingers with sparkling stones: white diamond, black diamond, rose flower made of coral bamboo from the Mayssa collection, diamond-paved heart shape of the Joli Coeur collection. Gold settings available in rose gold, black gold, white gold, or yellow gold. Set your creativity free, unleash your desires and grant yourself a unique jewelry piece that reveals your true self.

Whirl the red string

Colored string ring

A jewelry piece that encapsulates emotions and history. Rings are filled with different signification, representation, symbol, and meaning. It marks success, engagement, weddings, birthdays, birth, or life. RedLine plays with fashion codes to create contemporary rings, hence the iconic RedLine string ring. A unique style with modern, urban lines. Our string ring is our House's invitation to the innovative world of Fine Jewelry. A ring for daily wear, discreet and essential.