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RedLine expertly creates gold and diamond jewelry. Endowed with exceptional know-how, our jewelers combine the ancestral values of jewelry and excellence in innovation.

Enter the jewelry world of RedLine and discover our resplendent bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings in gold and diamond. Each of our creations features a unique character to those who wear them.



RedLine introduces its jewelry collection with emerald-cut diamonds. This renowned four-pointed rectangular shape of symmetrical facets showcases the distinct beauty of our diamond, making it the masterpiece of balance and brilliance. The Promesse collection rhymes with refinement and magnificence.

RedLine is fond of playing with originality and luxury… Discover Onyx, Turquoise, and Opal with our Promesse jewelry pieces.

Grace and know-how


RedLine jewelry pieces feature prestigious diamond masterpieces. They reveal the impressive beauty of the diamonds to their perfection. Our jewelers brought into life sumptuous creations with RedLine expertise, excellence, and exceptional know-how.

RedLine jewelry bestows great elegance and refinement, marking an incredible representation of a personal story.

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