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Customize your RedLine jewelry

Customize your RedLine jewelry

Our Jewelry

RedLine transcends the standard codes through its jewelry collections that embody the excellence of its craftsmanship. Our jewelry will enchant you thanks to RedLine's constant innovative spirit and creativity. All our jewelry pieces are entirely hand-made in our workshop in the heart of Paris. RedLine features a myriad of luxurious jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and anklets. Our gold jewelry comes in rose gold, white, gold, yellow gold, and even in black gold. Besides from our brilliant diamonds, we also love to design jewelry in pearls and other incredible precious stones. Let your heart speak and customize your chosen RedLine jewelry with your favorite string among the wide selection of 80 different colors. Follow your desires and let RedLine put you in the spotlight with the custom jewelry of your dreams, specially made for you.

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Elegance and Harmony

Precious Jewelry

Discover our jewelry and share our passion. RedLine will take you into its universe as you opening you our "jewelry box" where you will find yourself around different brilliant and opulent jewelry such as gold bracelets, string necklaces, diamond rings, and more. Creator of the diamond on a string bracelet, a concept copied by many but never equaled, RedLine constantly innovates its creations by designing contemporary yet timeless jewelry pieces cater to any occasions, but still remain in the tradition, core values, and heritage of our brand. Our universe has everything to enthrall you and keeps you company in all of your adventures. All our jewelry are hand-made in our workshop in the heart of Paris. Find the jewelry of your dreams among our collections and customize it by choosing your best-preferred gold and string color, diamond-cut, pearls, and other precious stones. RedLine is a unique kind of jewelry to treasure.

Made with Love

Fine Jewelry

RedLine has been an innovative creator of haute couture jewelry pieces for years, hand-made in our workshop in the heart of Paris. The enchanting red string and diamond bracelet is the representation of our House's true emblem, but we continue to transcend our creations by designing modern jewelry pieces in gold, diamonds, pearls, and other precious stones with our iconic ultra-resistant lucky charm string. Awaken your imagination and let yourself free by customizing your desired jewelry. RedLine accompanies dreamers around the worlds with its innovative spirit, creativity, and know-how.