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Customize RedLine diamond ring

Customize RedLine diamond ring

Diamond ring

Diamonds have always been a place on everyone's hearts, and it never ceased to marvel people's eyes. Today, it's your turn to wear this beautiful treasure of the world. RedLine's love for the diamonds started since the very first day RedLine began.

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RedLine rings

Welcome to our diamond rings. RedLine presents its customizable diamond rings, allowing you to add your personal touch to deliver a unique piece of jewelry. Diamonds rings in all styles, precious stones, and colors. String rings in red, black, blue, pink, or nude for a magical effect of a floating diamond on your finger. More than 80 string colors available for your ring. If you are more devoted to gold, chain rings and band rings are made for you. Gold rings in rose gold, black gold, white gold, and yellow gold. When RedLine says customizable jewelry pieces, it doesn't just stop there, you go all-in with your custom rings! Choices of diamonds in black or white are also available for your ring. It's just a dream come true.


Gold ring

A diamond ring... so close to your heart and so dear to your eyes, isn't it? The quality of our jewelry no longer has to prove itself, our brilliant diamonds speak for ourselves. RedLine jewelry house possesses incredible diamonds that can shine alone. Match your diamond ring with diamond earrings, or complete your collection with a diamond set. Customize your jewelry piece with your favorite style, diamonds, golds, and colors. For chain rings and band rings, choose among rose gold, black gold, white gold, and yellow gold. String rings are available of more than 80 different kinds of string colors to choose from. Or get all the nice things with the half-string half-gold chain rings. Crown your rings with your desired diamond, in black or white. Order your fully custom diamond ring on our online store and our workshop in Paris will deliver the diamond ring of your dreams. RedLine diamond ring is not just an accessory, it's a statement!