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Customize my Alphabet jewelry

Customize my Alphabet jewelry

My Letter

If you feel and stood tongue-tied, say it through your jewels. Express tender words within the Alphabet collection. A little pretty golden and diamond letters to declare the sweetest words.

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A golden alphabet

Initial jewelry

Express through your jewel your love for golds and diamonds. Let the ABDC collection speaks for yourself; you don't have to utter words anymore. Choose the letter that reminds you of your precious memories, brings you joy, makes you go back in time, makes you throb or... the one that belongs from the one you love. A picture is said to worth a thousand words, but a single letter can hide millions of meanings and symbols. Let the world know what you want the world to tell, express every inch of your feelings and emotions. Customize your diamond-filled bracelets and necklaces to add a personal touch even more with your favorite gold hardware and string colors. Choose between rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or black gold. Our charms and pendants are paved with white diamonds or black diamonds.

Precious words

Gold letter and diamond bracelet

Pave your words with diamonds, express yourself with golden letters. Declare your love by putting the initials of you and your loved one to a jewelry piece. The ABCD collection offers boundless possibilities to customize your bracelets and necklaces, specially tailored to suit your desires. Each charm and pendants are paved with white or black diamonds. Available in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and black gold. Browse for more Alphabet jewelry edition on our website or visit us in our showroom in Paris.