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Gold and diamonds make up our Lifestyle collection. Explore jewelry collections and pieces that will step up your love life from the Romantic collection. Express your imagination and get creative by customizing each string in the Embroidery collection. Excite everyone with your stunning, original and playful jewelry from the Insolite collection. Find your inner peace by getting closer to nature with the Fauna and Flora collection. The ABCD is perfect for choosing initial jewelry to display your personal story. Feel the sensation of gold and diamonds close to your skin with the Body Jewelry collection. RedLine covers all kinds of luxurious gold and diamond jewelry in Paris! Click here to discover our collection.

Body decorated with diamonds

Body jewelry

RedLine outlines our body with refined jewelry, flossy golds, and luminescing diamonds. Subtle jewelry that perfectly shapes your forms. RedLine jewelry pieces are worn with a lot of ease and very much pleasant to wear that you will find yourself not wanting to keep them away from you. Our diamonds bring lights, joy, and eternal beauty to your daily journey.

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The Romantic collection is everything you’ve always dreamed about in love jewelry. Our diamond-paved hearts, our golden stars, and our elixir drops form the perfect ingredients in creating the most powerful love amulet. Express your deepest emotions with precious stones, specially chosen by Cupid himself with the assistance of our jewelers. The most beautiful stones have been carefully picked to reflect the sparkle of your beloved one’s eyes. RedLine thinks everyone deserves to love, to feel love, and to be loved; that is why our House features an affordable Silver collection to surprise your dearest one or to treat yourself with a resplendent silver and diamond jewelry.



RedLine invites you to explore astonishing jewelry; creative, fun and customisable treasures. RedLine jewelry presents countless possibilities and the Embroidery collection is a huge part of it. Choose the cut of your desired diamond and crown it in the middle of your 5 chosen string colors. Enjoy RedLine and let your creativity sparks!

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The Unique collection features resplendent gold and diamond jewelry out of the ordinary. Stand out with rare icons, trust the legendary audacity of our House to put you forward. Our diamond experts choose stones of irreproachable quality to give you a unique and salient fashion ally. Shine your way through the crowd with your original jewelry piece and let it sparkle your day. Welcome to the world of RedLine.



I.L.Y… I love you. A is for my adorable family, B is for the best days, C is for cherished friends, and D is for the dearest memories! Choose a letter that defines your world, tells your story, and something you value deeply. RedLine offers a collection of the alphabet in 26 golden letters with diamonds. An ABCD collection around your wrist or your neck is a subtle way to show how much something means to you. A perfect gift for someone close to you, the keeper of your memories. Mark your most special moments with a piece of diamond jewelry and make it last forever.

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Fauna and Flora

Diamonds are wonderful gifts of nature. RedLine precious stones are of natural origins.Our diamonds are set on terrestrial figures found in the earth of our splendid environment. The Fauna category features a small herd of animals in gold and diamonds, while the Flora category blooms glittering, luminous, golden flowers. The Nature category brings all the elements of our universe into a splendid gold and diamond-paved jewelry. Take a break and a deep breath, feel the resplendent gift from our Mother Nature; precious metals… diamonds… and be enjoy what it offers us!