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Absolu Double ring

In rose gold

Rose gold was created by Carl Fabergé in the 19th century in Imperial Russia. Mr. Fabergé was in charge of making his famous eggs for the royal family. Thus, rose gold was more commonly referred to as Russian gold! Rose gold is made up of pure gold and copper giving it that pink color. It then spread to England in the 20th century. Today, rose gold represents absolute femininity, while retaining a touch of originality. Choosing 18k rose gold for your ring means choosing originality and femininity so you too will fall for this magnificent color, available in many models from the French artisanal jewelry house Redline!

Brillian round diamond

Its history

The round diamond cut was created in 1919 by the Belgian mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky. He studied the perfect combination to give the diamond stone the maximum brilliance he could achieve. Thus the round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape and the most appreciated for its brilliance and creative flexibility. The diamond stone, being the most solid stone in the world, symbolizes immortality due to its ultra-durable appearance over time. Thus, its symbolism and its history make the diamond the perfect stone to illustrate his love.