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Pioneer of the concept

The Designer

In 2005, jewelry creation remained conventional in terms of jewelry making as the world continues to evolve and modernize. Lætitia Cohen-Skalli thought the universe of jewelry deserved an innovative transition for a refreshing transformation. While preparing for her Master in Design and Visual Communication, she was looking for an innovative concept for her project…

The birth of RedLine

Throughout the year, she prepared a hypothetical launch of a jewelry line, labeled RedLine. And for the first time, noble materials such as gold and diamond collaborated with the lightness of a string. Lætitia obtained her Master with distinction and commendations from the board of examiners. She then decided to bring her project into life and launched her minimalist Haute Couture jewelry line. The project was established and the history of RedLine began. Inspired by the enchantment of many international celebrities for the red scarlet wool thread or crimson red string, Lætitia fuses the purity of the precious stone with the symbolic representation of the string.

The birth of RedLine
The birth of RedLine

The young designer advocates innovation and transcended traditional way of jewelry making. The legacy of diamond on a string hence was born. As a visionary jewelry artist, Lætitia placed all her energy into creating a modern concept and a fresh way to introduce jewelry. She determinedly went beyond standard codes and thrust herself among the greatest. Her perseverance and her talent inspired department stores and concept stores to bestow her their trust. She acknowledged her first success through the Pure jewelry, a diamond jewel on a red string. Afterward, driven by her unceasing creativity, she continues to transcend classicism by designing a new whole range of stylish jewelry through playing with diamonds and strings of all colors.

"A piece of jewelry is often a piece of art. But it only becomes valuable when emotions are added to it. Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles."