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Ear cuff in white gold

A story of sapphires

Sapphires were highly prized in ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Greeks, who considered them sacred stones associated with deities and protection. Sapphires were thought to bring wisdom, mental clarity and good fortune. During the Middle Ages, sapphires were often used in ecclesiastical and royal jewelry. They symbolized purity, wisdom and faith. Sapphires were also believed to protect against evil spells and poisoning. During the Renaissance, sapphires were popular among nobility and royalty. They were incorporated into crowns, jewelry and art objects. The deep, mesmerizing blue color of sapphire was highly valued.

Sparkling earring

Ear Cuff sapphire

Explorations opened up new sources of sapphires, notably in Sri Lanka, Burma (now Myanmar) and Kashmir. These discoveries led to greater accessibility of the stone. Sapphires have become important elements in the jewelry of the elite and celebrities. Sapphires are still very popular in contemporary jewelry. They are used in a variety of designs, from classic pieces to bold, modern creations. Sapphires of different colors, in addition to the traditional blue, are also highly sought after, including pinks, yellows and multi-colors. Sapphires also have astrological and spiritual significance in different cultures, and they are associated with properties such as inner peace, protection and emotional balance. As a durable and aesthetically appealing gemstone, sapphire continues to have a special place in the jewelry world and at Redline.