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How to tell her you love her ?

White gold studs

The time is for forgiveness; The point here is not to tell her you love her, but to prove it to her. White gold, in its soft color, symbolizes purity and honesty. More than words, choose the most personal and lovely jewel ever created. A heart for love, a diamond for gratitude, white gold for sincerity. Served in a box, this gift will express how you feel. And then love, infinitely, in the end that's all that matters.

Charm is a woman

Ear studs with its diamonds

The charm is a woman. Charm is the gentleness, self-confidence and intelligence that every woman possesses. Beyond beauty, charm is personal, it captivates and attracts. Each piece of jewelry has its own beauty, but what really makes it special is the way you wear it. The earrings are part of a woman's charm: the way you style your hair in a low bun so that we can see them, the way your face will catch the rays of the sun, your smile, which will light up at the same time that the diamond heart. RedLine, with Bien-Aimé, celebrates the charm of women in all their differences.