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White gold bracelet

Aztec symbols

Why has Redline created a gold Aztec bracelet for women? Like our 18k gold thread bracelet, the Aztecs reveal a precious story. Aztec patterns are often associated with the beliefs, traditions and gods of these people, which make them even stronger and more attractive symbols. Redline was therefore inspired by this symbol to bring you the protection and the positive energies which the Aztecs enjoyed when they wore those symbols. Gold and diamonds make it even more precious. A collection of timeless and original jewelry for women.

Thread Aztec bracelet

Lucky-charm and meanings

Customize your white gold thread bracelet according to your desires, an essential lucky charm, by choosing the Redline string color of your choice from more than 80 colors; red wire bracelet, yellow cord bracelet, orange string bracelet... To offer as a gift or to expand your personal collection of gold jewelry, fall for the Aztec white gold bracelet from our French jewelry house. Change your thread color according to the seasons or your mood.