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Trinitarian elegance: Three diamonds, unparalleled beauty

Redline So Abby bracelet

Redline's So Abby bracelet fuses the timeless sparkle of two pear-shaped diamonds with the brilliance of a round diamond, both delicately united on a wire. This elegant combination gives life to a jewel of unparalleled beauty, capturing the light and symbolising the perfect harmony between the shape of the pear-shaped diamond and that of the round diamond, the latter enhanced with four claws. Let the unique charm of the So Abby enhance your elegance for any occasion. Follow the red thread of love with Redline.

An ode to artisanal beauty

So Abby Redline: Sublime Elegance

Redline’s So Abby bracelet embodies the essence of jewelry craftsmanship, created with passion and precision by our experienced craftsmen. Each carefully selected diamond is meticulously set by hand on a thread, giving life to an exceptional work of art. The fusion of the natural beauty of the diamond and the craftsmanship creates the perfect jewel, uniting timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship. With the Redline So Abby bracelet in white gold, wear the quintessence of handmade luxury. The round diamond is highlighted with four claws, adding a distinctive touch to this exceptional creation.