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Collection RedLine

Collection RedLine

Our Collections

Discover our jewelry collections and share our passion. The know-how of Maison RedLine is expressed in bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings designs and creations. New models are unveiled over time, cater to any occasions but still remain part of our House's heritage and identity, renowned for the innovative concept of diamond on a string. All our models are designed, created and manufactured in our workshop, selected jewelry pieces that will keep you company on your journeys and paths of life. Trendy and timeless, all our collections are in wonderful harmony blended together that will accompany the greatest dreamers and visionaries around the world.

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Delicacy and refinement

Jewelry of Happiness

RedLine opens the doors of its brilliant and lets you travel into the heart of its innovative and timeless collections. Find all kinds of sumptuous custom jewelry pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings with a wide selection of different diamond cuts for your iconic ultra-resistant string or fine gold chain. Our jewelry House expresses its know-how in jewelry making by creating an incredible harmony with our 80 various string colors, scintillating diamonds, and different luminescing precious stones. We gladly invite you to fully customize your RedLine jewelry pieces from the selection among rose gold, black gold, white gold, and yellow gold. The world of RedLine has everything to enchant you and inspires you to go after your dreams. Follow your heart, find subtle and luxurious jewelry that will keep you company in your daily adventures and fill your days with bliss.

Experience the RedLine universe

Timeless jewelry collection

RedLine shares its incredible haute couture custom jewelry collections for years, exclusively hand-made in their studio in the heart of Paris. You will find timeless body jewelry designed for daily wear. RedLine accompanies you over time and keeps enchanting your precious moments. Part of the heritage of RedLine House, each jewelry collection conveys a poetic vision of life. Whether you choose a must-have jewelry piece from the Pure collection with strong symbolism that originated the success of RedLine, or if you decide to set for 7 twinkling diamonds in the Illusion collection or among the Altesse, Majesté, and Princesse collection, each of these diamond cuts will carry you into a Timeless world. Our iconic ultra-resistant lucky charm RedLine string can wonderfully blend with our flossy gold chain. Step inside our timeless collections by customizing your jewelry among our 80 various string colors and different gold settings.