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Diamond expertise and know-how

Solid RedLine jewelry

RedLine is passionate about playing with symbols and emotions, associating them with an innovative mindset and luxury. The Pure collection joins the game, offering you immense possibilities of customizing your half-chain half-string diamond bracelet. Settle with a black gold chain to emphasize your mysterious image and prestigious look or choose between rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold that best matches your lifestyle and best tells your story.

For a modern look

String bracelet and black gold chain

The black gold chain matched with a string is a perfect go-to piece for a modern, mysterious, and prestigious look. The majestic allure of a 0.1ct diamond complements your overall style. Your customizable half-string half-chain adjustable bracelet features an 18k gold clasp along with a 3-ring scale, 4 different gold settings, and a selection of more than 80 string colors. An incredible customization experience that guarantees a lifetime pleasure.