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yellow gold setting

The bear-shaped

The magic and excellence of Redline jewellery lies on the one hand in the choice of colors and materials chosen, so that they blend perfectly. But this magic is also bacause of the symbolism of each material, each jewel. The women’s luxury necklace from the Mini Pure Bear collection is distinguished by its bear-shaped setting in 18k yellow gold, blending perfectly with thread colors in warm shades such as Moka Choco or Roux. Finally, a female bear jewel reflects a wise and courageous personality, perfect for a maternity gift!

for your luxury necklace

Which color?

The Mini Pure Bear women’s necklace and its Fish, Cat and Rabbit luxury jewelry collections acolytes stand out for their childish, comforting and cute reflections. Through this collection, the Redline designer, Laetitia, wanted to propose you a special jewel, that we keep close to us everytime, it is a comforting jewel, it is an ally. You can choose from a lot of thread colors. Red or black for a minimalist, elegant, chic style. Pastel colors such as Sky Blue or Parma will reveal the innocent and sweet style of Mini Pure luxury jewelry. Finally, electric colors like the Neon Pink or the Neon Green, will reveal your complexion and your 70’s side!