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Collection Travels

Collection Travels


Our lives are often impacted by trips to places that have marked us or will mark us forever. Whether through architecture, encounters or incredible landscapes. Redline invites you to transform these memorable memories into an incredible piece of jewelry. Have you been seduced by Paris with its charming cafes, its romantic atmosphere or its magical little streets? Redline has created for you the Eiffel Tower in gold and diamonds, on a thread or chain to wear it wherever you are. Discover all the other gold and diamond monuments on Redline's thread or chain and carry with you on a daily basis the souvenir of a memorable trip.

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Travel with

Redline’s souvenirs

Have you ever been to a city that has left a lasting impression on you? Because of its monuments or its charm and its inhabitants? Redline has imagined for you a whole collection of souvenir jewelry that you can wear every day representing monuments. Did you love New York and its exciting lifestyle for instance? The Jewelry House has imagined for you a Statue of Liberty in gold, inlaid with diamonds on a bracelet. You can choose to wear your monument on thread or chain and customize your jewelry endlessly by choosing from more than 80 thread colors. Wear the moment that represents your favorite city on your wrist every day and it will remind you some beautiful memories.

Travel souvenirs with

Redline’s monuments’ bracelets

Redline invites you to travel around the world with its « Voyage » jewelry collection. Have you recently traveled to a city you fell in love with? Treat yourself with a luxurious monument bracelet and wear it as a souvenir to wear on your wrist. Why not also offer a monument that represents your city, or even a next trip, to someone dear to you? Choose a Big Ben in gold and diamonds on a string, the San Francisco bridge in diamonds and gold on a chain, or even an Eiffel Tower in a half-thread, half-chain bracelet? The Redline monument bracelets have been designed so that you may carry an incredible jewel with you everywhere while reminding you of unforgettable memories.