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Customize RedLine long necklace

Customize RedLine long necklace

Long necklace

A long, gold necklace gives a sophisticated and elegant touch to any of your outfits, in every day or on special occasions. A sumptuous, opulent jewelry piece that will keep you company throughout your journey: during a romantic date, a wild nightlife, social gatherings, casual walks in the city, daily working days, etc. A perfect jewelry piece to wear on any occasion from the most festive to the most formal events. Get your RedLine long gold necklace!

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Very thin long necklace

Long gold necklace

RedLine created long necklaces in the most original styles, from the simplest to the most elegant. Our long necklaces are designed for an everyday wear accessory. Customize your RedLine long necklace with the string color of your choice, from a selection of over 80 string colors available: red, blue, yellow, black, pink, beige, white string long necklace, and more. Show your love for the gold with our gold chain long necklace.

Which is also known for

Gold morning necklace

Nowadays, the term "Matinee necklace" usually refers to any long necklace (length around 20"-22" or 55cm). RedLine offers long necklaces with pearls, in string or in gold. Matinee necklaces can be worn as is or looped around the neck, instantly turning it into an alluring gold long necklace or a beautiful layer of chokers.