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Our timeless jewelry

Our timeless jewelry


Red thread diamond jewelry for women and men. Pioneer of the diamond and thread bracelet concept, Redline offers you the possibility of choosing your diamond string from a multitude of Redline thread colors. Made in France, gold and diamond jewelry can be ordered from your online jewelry store

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Diamond bracelet

Are you looking for affordable jewelry or more precisely an affordable diamond wire bracelet? Pioneer of the diamond on thread concept, RedLine creates the diamond and thread bracelet. Redline is the first jeweler to dare to combine a thread and a diamond. In his jewelry creations, Redline has been presenting the Pure wire bracelet model for fifteen years with a white diamond in a closed setting. The diamond thread bracelet is a women's diamond bracelet but also a men's bracelet. The Redline Illusion model is an accessible diamond bracelet. The Illusion presents 7 small diamonds in invisible setting. This bracelet is also a mixed jewel. The Illusion women's bracelet is a best seller in jewelry. Redline's timeless gold jewelry collection also features chain diamond jewelry. A simple small diamond on a chain for a woman bracelet or a fine gold chain ring. This collection of fine jewelry in diamond gold has proven itself with fashionistas. Redline, creator of mixed jewelry or unisex jewelry. Order Redline online at the Redline store at Follow Redline, jewelry designer on Instagram @redline_paris. You will be able to find all the fashionable women's diamond jewelry.

Parisian brand

Thread and diamond bracelet

Are you looking to offer a piece of jewelry? Call the diamond wire bracelet, diamond cord bracelet, diamond thread bracelet, diamond wire bracelet, string diamond bracelet, diamond link bracelet, or even diamond cord bracelet? The only pioneer jeweler in the diamond on wire concept is Redline. Laetitia Cohen-Skalli, creator of trendy jewelry has been innovating for 15 years. In the Redline jewelry collection, timeless jewelry is created to be worn every day. Precious and simple jewelry is created in our jewelry workshop in Paris. Are you looking for a nice personalized gift? The red diamond thread bracelet is a luxury and playful jewel. This lucky link bracelet is worn by many celebrities. It is a trendy and symbolic jewel. Thanks to innovation, you can order jewelry online from your online jeweler. Choose a red wire diamond bracelet, a black thread diamond bracelet, a pink diamond bracelet, or a transparent string diamond bracelet. Have fun personalizing your luxurious bracelet online.