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RedLine summer creations to customize

RedLine summer creations to customize

Summer Creations

Discover our summer creations of the moment! RedLine features the new Summer collection created on their workshop located in the heart of Paris. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings star in the collection to create a sparkling, lively, and brilliant jewelry set! Our luminescing jewelry is fabulous under the sun, on the beach, the balcony, the terrace, and looks great on any occasions. Between the new and summer trends, timeless and classic, our diamond collections will for sure provide you an exceptional radiance and glow to any of your most beautiful destinations.

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Summer jewelry trend

Elegance and finesse

RedLine takes you on a world tour with its brand new jewelry pieces made in their workshop in Paris. Explore different sumptuous designs among our necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and body jewelry. Jewelry set inspired by paradisiac islands, tropical jungles, and mesmerizing nature. Our creations also reflect different cultures of Latin America, such as our Samba collection, taken straight from the Brazilian carnival or our Tango collection, which is inspired by the famous Argentine dance. Our designs and creations are unique and exotic. Explore over 80 string colors, countless diamonds, and a myriad of beautiful gemstones that will bring sparkles, vibrancy, and bliss throughout your journey. Hunt no more for little treasures in the sand, RedLine bestows one of the most dazzling treasures in the world for you. Grab a piece of jewelry that will accompany you to your most beautiful destinations, follow where your heart takes you, listen to what your desires say. Whether on the refreshing in the pool, sunbathing on the beach, strolling in the forest or just a random cultural visit, RedLine is an enchanting universe that has everything to meet your passion and matches your mood. Start customizing your very own custom jewelry with colors, golds, and gemstones. With more than 80 string colors, 18k yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and black gold, beautiful pearls, and precious stones, RedLine have what it takes to let you create your own jewelry that truly defines your style. Are you ready to fill up your days with sparkles and glitters? Meet us in our showroom in the heart of Paris or grab your jewelry collection online and get it delivered directly to you.

Live the summer

Skin jewelry

For over the years, RedLine endows hand-made haute couture jewelry made exclusively in their workshop in Paris. Start planning your summer look for your travel destination and explore our special summer collections. Tropical beaches, jungles, or forest, RedLine jewelry is a must-have accessory to highlight your outfits. Pearls, diamonds, gold in rose, white, yellow, or black, and more than 80 colorful string options to ensure the perfect and ideal jewelry for you. Our summer collection features refined and wild creations aspiring to a sunny, seducing, and glamorous world. The Salsa collection reflects mystery and elegance, a perfect brilliant and elegant set to dress up for memorable outings! Our creations have traveled all over the world from Japan to Italy, and the French Riviera to Germany. Let our jewelry take you on a world tour in a flash! Visit our showroom to discover our best-selling pieces, to explore our must-have creations, to find out more of our timeless designs, and to take a peak of our latest sparkling summer collections that will take you places!