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Customize my Nature jewelry

Customize my Nature jewelry

Fauna and Flora

Animals and flowers, diamonds and gold. Both represent the wonders of the world, the real beauty of nature. Little pretty diamonds placed in golden animals and flowers, shining like sunshine on a beautiful day. Come and live life like its always happy summer days in the field of colorful flowers surrounded by adorable animals.

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Travel to Asia

RedLine Chinese New Year bracelet

A dog, a cat, a bird or a fish, little pretty creatures that bring joy to your life. Our jewelry collection with adorable animals accompanies you everywhere you go, with a heart of gold and diamonds, it's a happiness that nobody can take away from you. To celebrate Chinese New Year, RedLine joyfully welcomes the effigy of each year's astrological sign. Find the inner animal in you, explore your spirit animal or mark your favorite animal or pet on your jewelry as a symbol of love, friendship, and happiness. Customize your bracelet from the Nature collection and combine countless choices of string and gold colors, with the beautiful elements of nature: fox, lion, crocodile, flower, butterfly and more to discover.

A small companion

Diamond animals

Build your adorable dream, spend your time on the farm or explore the safari with our animal-inspired jewelry collection. Every year, RedLine welcomes the effigies of the astrological sign from the Chinese calendar. Year of the snake, monkey, dog, rooster or pig, the Nature collection reflects the wonderful festivities from the gold colors and fireworks to diamonds each year. Not only do RedLine celebrates the Chinese New Year, but also each and every adorable pet and animals gifted to us by nature. Pick your favorite animal and keep it close to you through these bracelets. Make it even more personal and beautiful by splashing your favorite gold color to your chosen animal and tie your favorite string color for an eternal bond. Get your dream pet on our e-shop or pick it up straight from our showroom in Paris.