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Black diamond for men

Black diamond for men

K-Color Men

A black and mysterious diamond is ideal to accompany you in all circumstances. RedLine offers bracelets with this dark stone.

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A timeless

Black diamond jewelry

The Redline K-color jewelry collection for men offers bracelets with a 0.10 carat black diamond in a closed setting. Have fun transforming this black diamond jewel, as you wish, into a chain bracelet, thread bracelet, multi-string bracelet or even a chain bracelet with more thread. This black diamond jewel has already charmed millions, it will conquer you and fascinate you with the intensity of its black precious stone. Which collections do you like the most? Pure K-color black diamond, Infinite K-color black diamond, Illusion K-color black diamond, Illusion K-color Fuzz black diamond or So Vip K-color black diamond? Make your decision through our RedLine website. A black and mysterious diamond is ideal to accompany you in all circumstances. The black diamond bracelet on thread or on a gold chain is the perfect men's gift.

Inspired from the light's reflection

Jewelry Diamond

Why buy a Redline black diamond bracelet? RedLine fills you with a craving for diamonds and precious stones. A black diamond bracelet is original, delicate, and mysterious. Half chain and half thread with a black diamond, it is the K-color illusion which is the essential bracelet, the Best-Seller of the jewelry house RedLine which combines the simplicity of the thread with the precious gold chain. A claw set with seven small black diamonds of 0.05 carat. You can also opt for the Infinite K-color black diamond bracelets. Let yourself be carried away to infinity with this bracelet for men by a duo of diamonds which combines love and the infinite protection of 0.10 carat with a diamond of 0.05 carat, both of which have become inseparable. The Infinite collection in black diamond is very symbolic with 2 diamonds representing Infinity, united for life. Have fun and discover in the K Color black diamond collection for men, many male gifts that can only please the loved one.