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Customize RedLine jewelry for him

Customize RedLine jewelry for him


Who said diamonds are only girl's best friends? Diamonds represent sophistication, brilliance, and character just like the gentlemen! Luxury and beauty have no gender; it's a lifestyle. RedLine welcomes ladies and gentlemen inside the opulent world of jewelry!

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A day-to-day wear

Diamond for men

Diamonds are very captivating elements. It's like magic... when you lay your eyes on them, everything around suddenly disappears. These hypnotizing precious stones mesmerize men and women; diamonds choose no gender. Luxury suits men so well; sophistication and class are the allies of a refined gentleman. RedLine created an opulent jewelry collection for men to bring out a man's taste for beautiful things in such a subtle way. Reflect your lifestyle through gold chain bracelets in black gold for intensity, white gold for classic, rose gold for subtlety or yellow gold for abundance. Add your personality through string bracelets with over 80 string colors to choose from. Take the best of both worlds with the half-string half-chain bracelet! Choose a diamond that best suits your taste in life between a dazzling white diamond and a gloomy dark shades of a black diamond from the Kcolor collection. Bring some enlightenment to your journey through RedLine jewelry for men.


Jewelry for men

Manners maketh man. Sophistication and class, elegance and refinement... is what makes a gentleman. RedLine jewelry for men features luxurious yet discreet bracelets adding charm and finesse to a man's allure. Exclusively designed in the chic street of 161 rue Saint Honoré in Paris, it's a collection that brings a touch of tact and poise discreetly to a man's appeal. Stay classic with white diamonds or opt for the intensity of black gold with the jewelry collections from Kcolor, So VIP, Dé, Domino and Tube. A perfect accessory to wear daily with any outfits on any occasions. Take a glance online for the whole men collection or visit us in our showroom.