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Customize my So Vip jewelry

Customize my So Vip jewelry

So Vip

Experience exceptional glamour on social evenings or a day-to-day basis. Keep the incredible appeal of your jewelry close to your skin, and you will never go unnoticed. Turn heads, amaze everyone around you and live the life of a VIP through your jewelry.

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You are so VIP!

0,2ct diamond

The So VIP collection features a 0.2ct diamond encircled by 12 precious little 0.26ct diamonds. An opulent 18k gold setting holds the luxurious precious stones into place. This jewelry line presents sumptuous earrings, ravishing necklaces and lavish bracelets to customize. Pick the string color for your jewelry, just as you can with the gold hardware. The So VIP jewelry set is available in string edition, gold chain version, and half-string half-chain model. Once you're a VIP, hundreds of doors are opening to guide you through thousands of possibilities, and RedLine just made that happened.

A jewel of a star

Jewelry for women

Being a VIP requires a "Very Important Piece" of jewelry. The So VIP collection will never let you down with its scintillating 0.2ct diamond crowned by 12 shimmering 0.26 ct little diamonds. Such resplendent jewelry set to complete along with the So VIP necklace, bracelet, earrings, and ring. RedLine treats you like a VIP, offering you countless opportunities. Take advantage of those opened doors and start customizing your So VIP jewelry with your favorite gold hardware. Choose the style among string version, classic gold chain or go for "all-in" with the half-string half-chain edition. And for the final touch, don't forget to splash your favorite color on the string! Start living the exclusive life of a VIP on our website or let us welcome you privately in our showroom in Paris. A gift of great value, solely designed by RedLine with love and passion.