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Customize my Prestige jewelry

Customize my Prestige jewelry


A gathering of diamonds and golds for a celebration. Prestigious, enchanting and mesmerizing jewelry pieces with the finest gold settings and shimmering diamonds. A twirl of eternal beauty and exceptional radiance graciously resting in a golden chain and bezel.

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Prestigious jewelry

High Jewelry

Explosion of thousand colorful lights, Full of sparks and shimmers, a protruding Coachella fashion statement. Our Prestige jewelry line caters your deepest desires tailored to suit any styles, and look on any day. Exceptional jewelry pieces of RedLine with the highest and finest quality from different collections: Explosion collection, Full collection and, Coachella collection. A beautiful rain of golden chains and precious stones will flood your jewelry box with prestige and shine. Customize your prestigious necklaces and bracelets with your favorite gold setting between rose gold, white gold, yellow gold or black gold. Splash your favorite color to your string bracelets from the Full collection and Explosion collection. Create a jewelry piece that reflects your personality, your mood and your aspirations in life.

A masterpiece

Luxury jewelry

Celebrate life each every day like a Coachella Festival with an explosion of light, full of colors and burst of glow. Feast yourself with prestigious jewelry pieces by RedLine. The Prestige jewelry line is a set of multiple collections with diamonds, golds, and colors. The Explosion collection features customizable white diamond half-string half-chain bracelets and white or black diamond gold chain bracelets and necklaces. The Full collection stars 6-diamond gold chain bracelets, necklaces, and string bracelets. The Coachella collection is a mesmerizing waterfall of gold mirrored on the gold necklace and earrings. Then the Delice collection with its cascading 14 diamonds in a gold necklace, a divine and ravishing masterpiece. All of the collections from the Prestige jewelry line are customizable adding up a euphoric feeling even more to your experience. Gold settings to choose among rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and, black gold. String colors varying up to 80 kinds of shades to pick from. These jewelry pieces are an absolute breathtaking gift for yourself and those close to your heart.