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Customize my Comtesse jewelry

Customize my Comtesse jewelry


A prestigious looking baguette-cut diamond flaunts slender, elongated refined silhouette. The Comtesse collection displays the majestic appeal of an 0.1ct diamond and the magnificent allure of an 18k gold on your jewelry set. Wear your diamond and gold jewelry with the pride of a countess.

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For a Countess

Rectangle-shaped diamond

The sharp geometric shape of a baguette-cut diamond displays a distinct figure from other diamonds. This 0.1ct precious stone's elongated feature flaunts a slender look to your neck, wrist, and fingers bringing you exceptional elegance and feminine refinement. Embellish yourself with the wonderful Comtesse collection; a jewelry set adorned with a beautiful diamond reflecting thousands of sparks in a play of light. This jewelry collection features a gold chain necklace and bracelet, string bracelet, gold ring, and half-string half-chain bracelet if you find yourself stuck in uncertainty. Pair your favorite gold hardware among rose gold, black gold, yellow gold or white gold with your favorite string of more than 80 colors to match your desires perfectly. The Comtesse diamond and gold jewelry pieces are sure to fill you up with exceptional radiance and glow.

Undeniable reflections

A baguette-cut diamond

Rule your innermost desires with a stunning 0.1ct baguette-cut diamond through the Comtesse collection. Another jewelry line from RedLine letting you in command and take control of countless choices and possibilities. Own the right to dictate what your heart desires the most; deliver your favorite gold and string color to your jewelry. Your Comtesse gold chain necklaces and gold chain/string bracelets come in rose gold, black gold, yellow gold, and white gold; string up to 80 color selections. Lead your yearnings through our website or make an online appointment to meet us personally in our showroom in Paris. Let your desires run through your being, and RedLine will render you the most satisfying answers to your every need.