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Customize my Eternity Amuro jewelry

Customize my Eternity Amuro jewelry

Eternity Amuro

Shadows of Venus, goddess of beauty and eternal love, cast in the Eternal Amuro collection. RedLine opens the door to the world of love and romance. Enter the union of passionate love and strength between diamonds, golds, and strings.

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A love for Eternity

3 diamonds

Love will always be love, and diamond remains diamond forever. Love and diamonds are two similar elements: beauty, force and eternal. The Eternity Amuro collection features a trio of brilliant, light and radiant 0.2ct diamonds. A beautiful present for a special person. Pair your lovely three little diamonds with a gold chain or string and match it with your favorite color. A token of love represented by the Eternity Amuro collection, keeping you company throughout your beautiful memories and cherished moments.

The perfect gift

A jewelry for Valentine's Day

Join for a celebration of love with RedLine through the Eternity Amuro collection! Binding of three 0.2ct white diamonds pledging to stay forever. Match your Eternity Amuro trio diamonds with a gold chain necklace and bracelet. Pair your string necklace and bracelet with diamonds or select both gold chain and string to tie your Eternity Amuro diamonds together! Pick your favorite color for your gold chain or string jewelry. Available in rose gold, black gold, yellow gold or white gold and up to more than 80 string colors to choose from. Designed with love and passion in our Parisian workshop, RedLine invites you to enter its open doors of infinite possibilities through its online shop.