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Customize my Infinite jewelry

Customize my Infinite jewelry


Pretty little cupid caught by the beauty of precious diamonds. Love filled the world all of a sudden. As the angelic matchmaker gazes at the mesmerizing brilliant stones, he laid his arrows and united two sparkling diamonds. Hence, bestowed the symbol of infinite love.

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I love you to Infinitely

2 diamonds for women

The Infinite collection encapsulates shared love between lovers and the unconditional love of a parent to its child through its two united diamonds in a gold chain or string. A jewelry set representing love and devotion with its 0.1ct and 0.05ct diamonds. The gold chain and string symbolize the strong union and eternal connection between two triumphant hearts and souls. Choose the element of your Infinite necklace, bracelet, and ring that will bind you with love forever. Gold chain in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and black gold. Strings in more than 80 colors. Or get all the love in the world and go absolute with the half-string half-chain Infinite jewelry set. RedLine accompanies you during your most symbolic moments and in your most cherished memories.

Twice as much love with...

2 diamonds for men

Looking for a Valentine's Day gift, a present for Mother's Day or a surprise to your father and brother? Or maybe just sneaking in for a little moment to indulge yourself with beautiful diamonds! The Infinite collection is a perfect representation of a love that is kind, and a love that is shared. Two sparkling 0.1ct and 0.05ct diamonds bound with love by splendid elements symbolizing strong union and eternal connection. Choose a gold chain or a string to hold your diamonds forever. Select between rose gold, yellow gold, black gold, and white gold for your gold chain necklace, bracelet, and ring. Pick among 80 different string colors for your Infinite jewelry set. Love everything and get the half-string half-chain jewelry pieces. Find your perfect symbol of love through our online store, share the love and let yourself or your loved ones know how they mean the world to you.