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Customize my Nova jewelry

Customize my Nova jewelry


A shining star reaching out to extend its shine to light your life. Unconditional love from a sparkling star surrenders itself in a glimmering 0.09ct diamonds to stay with you forever. Multiple diamonds joined together to reflect the beauty, the love and the bright shine from the star. The Nova collection is a breathtaking celestial jewelry set leaving you the memory of the star's explosion of love.

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The sparks of the Nova

Diamonds on a star

A star-shaped 0.09ct diamonds. There is nothing better than a set of multiple diamonds reflecting the exploding bright lights from a twinkling star. The Nova collection brings you an incredible source of colorful sparks to your journey. Glittering diamonds forming a glowing star locked in a golden chain or a string. Build your celestial paradise, design your personal nebula, turn your astronomical dreams into reality through your custom Nova jewelry set. Create the most beautiful constellation in your body through the Nova necklaces and bracelets. Choose your favorite kind of orbit with either a shining gold chain, a bright string or even both! Travel to space with RedLine and witness the wonders of the galaxy. An explosion of countless colors and blast of bright lights.

Find the ideal...

Jewelry for women

Witness a breathtaking experience from an impressive explosion of colors and bright lights from a star. The Nova collection delivers a majestic encounter between a diamond and a star right through your jewelry set. Necklaces and bracelets bedazzled with glittering, shimmering stones. A golden chain or a string orbits around your star diamond, providing a beautiful heavenly world. Add celestial colors to your gold chain jewelry: rose gold, yellow gold or white gold. Or match your Nova string jewelry with your favorite color with over 80 string colors to choose from. Your Nova jewelry pieces will take you to infinity and beyond. Grab your own galaxy through our online shop and prepare yourself for a blast of colors and lights.