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Customize my Pompon jewelry

Customize my Pompon jewelry


A sphere of infinite series of diamonds, a virtuous circle of eternal happiness, protection and beauty. A burst of light and colors in a small world. Carry this wonderful world with you to bedazzle your life throughout your journey.

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That's a pom pom

Small balls of diamonds

A 360° golden ball paved with spectacular 0.19ct diamonds. The Pompon collection cheers you up with its mirror ball reflections of light and colors. A small world showered with diamond and gold, a little beautiful sunshine and moon to carry with you day and night. Set your favorite color to your Pompon string bracelets or lay your beloved gold color to your Pompon earrings.

Diamonds for everyone with a...

Mixed jewelry

Hello pretty little world, why so beautiful and glowy! Golden ball paved with small mirror-like scintillating diamonds in a string. Colorful diamond spheres to reflect your world: white diamonds, black diamonds, and brown diamonds. Add more vibes to your Pompon bracelet with your favorite string color: a selection of strings up to 80 colors. Match your string bracelet with the Pompon gold earrings and pick your favorite gold settings between rose gold, white gold or yellow gold. Hop on to our online shop to grab your dazzling pretty little world with you.