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Customize Pure Baby Collection RedLine

Customize Pure Baby Collection RedLine

Pure Baby

The lengendary Pure bracelet fits perfectly baby's wrist. A fine diamond will reflect the light in their eyes.

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Kids jewelry

Diamond on thread bracelet

The French luxury brand RedLine invites you to discover a diamond collection specially designed for children. Bébé Pure is a collection in which the storyline bracelet from Redline history adapts to the wrist of the little ones. This Pure bracelet for children is made up of the Pure jewel on a diamond and thread bracelet, a diamond bracelet on a chain or even a diamond bracelet half-thread half-chain for children. You may find gold and diamond jewelry for the whole family at Redline, a unique string represented by the Redline lifeline. The Pure diamond bracelet for children is a real lucky charm that will bring love and protection.

The famous Pure

Gold and diamond for kids

Fall in love with the Pure Gold and Diamond collection for children by RedLine. An exceptionally shiny diamond thread bracelet, an ideal gift idea for a birth or a birthday present. Personalize the Pure diamond bracelet for your child to make it a unique item. Let yourself be tempted by a diamond bracelet on a green cord, a diamond bracelet on a red thread, a diamond children's bracelet on an orange string, a diamond link bracelet or a diamond bracelet on a yellow gold chain. Our brand of French jewelry is available all over the world at our partner resellers and on our online store.