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Customize my Samba jewelry

Customize my Samba jewelry


It's time for a festive celebration! Multiple lively and vibrant diamonds dance and play along with the Brazilian carnival rhythm. Join the Samba collection for cheerful, festive days!

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A diamond-paved circle

A set of diamonds displaying animated, rhythmical dances of light. Welcome to the Samba collection where jewelry pieces vibrantly dazzle in every movement. RedLine takes you to a whole new Brazilian carnival experience through its Samba jewelry set. A cheerful and energetic collection that will bring joy to your life. Embellish yourself with the Samba custom gold necklace and ring, choose your favorite gold color and celebrate the shine. Complete your look with the Samba gold chain bracelet or play further with colors through the string or half-chain half-string bracelet. Wave your hands with your favorite string color as you dance around for a celebration. Amaze everyone with your 0.05ct festive diamonds as its shine plays around like the lively instruments of the Rio festival.

From Janeiro!

A jewelry with a circle

Join the festival experience in our showroom through the Samba collection with RedLine. Together with a set of 0.05ct diamonds, it's a call for a celebration of life, happiness, and love! Play with colors and light; customize your Samba jewelry pieces with your favorite colors! Gold chains and strings of all colors for you to feast your desires on. Gold necklace, ring, and bracelet in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. String bracelet with more than 80 colors to choose from. Or have it all with the half-string half-chain bracelet! A real festive experience full of colors and bright lights! Dance your way to our online shop and sway along with the Rio carnival in Paris.